Awareness and Food

Humans are usually on a ‘self destruct’ mode … Unless they bring in an element of Awareness. Non judgemental, pure, blissful in nature – Awareness. It is time to awaken.
Practical step:  Today, before you eat anything, ask yourself -” Do I really need this?”  Don’t let the intellectual mind answer this one. Let the body talk and you listen. 
Then, when you are better at this,  before you eat-let the question be -” Are these my best choices?” …..and remember – this one the body may be asking.
What do you find? Have you been eating out of habits? Have you been eating for your mind? Have you been eating to nourish your body? How much quantity you eat- have you let the body decide that or the mind ?Have you truly enjoyed what you ate? At what point did pleasure turn to pain, if it did? Were you able to satisfy the body when you were hungry? With high nutrition food?
Don’t worry. Take each day as it comes. Be happy that you are bringing Awareness in….:-)

About Shaloo Dogra

Shaloo Dogra is a wellness coach and director at Epicurean Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. in Gurgaon, India. She has been part of the hospitality industry for almost 20 years providing food solutions to industries, institutions and for events. She is dedicated to structured consultation for individuals for fitness, nutrition, intermediate level yoga and meditation. For more on this, please see her website: She is married to Rajat Dogra and has two wonderful boys aged 16 and 13.
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