Healthy Eating Vs Practical Life

Mostly everyone knows what is healthy eating and what is not. They are well aware of the basic differences in good healthy foods and fat inducing food. Maybe a few details are missing but in general there is almost an information overload.

While it is nice to know that multi grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and healthy fats are the way to go, living a life of rushing to work, stressful family conditions, going out for parties, sleeping late etc do create a sense of imbalance theoretically and practically.What one gets in return is guilt , stress and a host of acute and chronic diseases.
The single biggest factor in reigning in bad eating habits is probably planning. Once we can find time to sit and note down what all we eat and what all we ‘should’ eat, we can come up with what we ‘could’ eat – and how. Secondly, there is no need to rush.One or two habits per a couple of weeks is good enough to tackle. Healthy habits may be formed one after the other by taking one simple step at a time for eg. of maybe just drinking more water everyday till a couple of weeks- till it becomes a habit. Substituting foods like red meats and white breads with lean meats and multi grains can be the next small step….and so it can go on. Tweaking food habits to perfection can take years and yet can have more room for improvement. There are many things to learn and unlearn along the way.
The one thing to remember, which I never forget, with food is to ‘never say never’- it means that in case there is a slip up, it is not the end of the world and it is not fair to be harsh on oneself. Finally all food is good. Just not everyday. So get up, brush yourself and walk on the healthy eating path from the next meal onwards or simply as quickly as you realize.
We owe it to our health. A fit body may not necessarily be healthy. That usually comes from how we think and what we eat. It may be great to laugh over such fuss but for some its a question of life and death. Lest we forget, healthy eating can also mean tasty and delicious food.
Writing down one’s obstacles in the journey of health is also a good next option. For eg. ‘no time in the mornings’ can be tackled with ‘ preparing a wrap in the night ‘ or ‘ fruit smoothies for all in the mornings’. Waking up and going about your day without eating is probably the biggest illogical step one can take. That is because high activity levels demand higher food consumptions to be able to jumpstart the metabolic fire engine in the bodies. Somehow a lot of us are simply ‘jump’ starting….with a cup of coffee or tea. Chomping on comfort foods at low activity times such as evening tv time is hardly a way to good health, physical or mental. Other obstacles like ‘Busy at work’ ,’no time to cook or pack’, ‘ pressure from peers ‘ etc are all common excuses which , believe it or not, all have solutions. Simple solutions, if I may add. Many a times ,that is an opportunity to explore raw foods, nuts and fruits. Paying a nutritionist for meal plans is only worthwhile if he/she keeps in mind your likes/dislikes, your specific regional diet, timings and obstacles. Crossing over one hurdle a time is all it takes. Keep in mind -the finish line starts already at 80-90% clean eating.
A good excuse is usually when we don’t give much importance to what we want and are not really at the threshold to cross over. If that be the case, it’s a waste of time and energy to complain.

Health comes first.


It’s good to know what is good or bad , but unless we act upon it, its just a useless bit of information for a great guilt trip. Eating well and eating with gratitude is a choice that we need to take whenever we are ready because it is never too late for self improvement. Evolving oneself through time is an emotionally healing process as well. It is good to be uncomplicated and untangled before we start to feel connected to our Source. On the other hand, keeping track of one’s improvement in energy levels, guilt and gratitude meters and ailments, if any, are good accountability procedures to adopt to measure the success of a healthier lifestyle. The journey is definitely gratifying and there is much to learn on this journey. One will be surprised at how that learning is external in nature as well as internal. Self evolvement or improvement is a lifelong procedure, but first comes health.

About Shaloo Dogra

Shaloo Dogra is a wellness coach and director at Epicurean Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. in Gurgaon, India. She has been part of the hospitality industry for almost 20 years providing food solutions to industries, institutions and for events. She is dedicated to structured consultation for individuals for fitness, nutrition, intermediate level yoga and meditation. For more on this, please see her website: She is married to Rajat Dogra and has two wonderful boys aged 16 and 13.
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