Let’s start at the beginning- making the connection

We all know that ‘gratitude’ needs to be an integral part of our lives and some of us may also be following that ‘religiously’. Although, on a daily basis, I suspect (pardon me for assumptions) we may just be getting caught up with things to really feel the blessings that have been bestowed on us. Instead I normally hear more about what we all don’t want rather that what we really would like for ourselves. Shall we say its a case of complaining more than counting our blessings?

Make Gratitude your Attitude....

Now, every time we sit down to eat, because that is the ideal way and not rushing for the metro with a coffee in hand, if we could just take a moment to reflect on the beauty and wonder of every morsel of food that we are about to eat.The way it has landed up on our plates to all the nourishment that it is about to give our bodies. Trust me, it is nothing short of a miracle. Once we ‘feel’ this fact, joy cannot be far behind…to fill up our being. This moment of ‘internalizing’ our meal times is a sure shot way of ensuring one bonus fact- and that is, we are bound to eat more nourishing food rather than junk in the name of it. Its three benefits by one action,not counting innumerable dynamo effect benefits. We have gratitude,joy as well as feeding our precious bodies with nourishing , wholesome and natural food. More on that later but lets now concentrate on how to try to achieve being in that moment of awareness every time we begin putting food in our mouth.
This is a matter of practice, like every aspect of life such as compassion, patience, kindness and all the other goody morals that our hearts are already aware of. Somebody out there did the job of teaching us, but practicing it is our responsibility. We know it, but we don’t do it. Thats the problem. But we’d rather concentrate on the solution- simple practise and as the yogis say ‘ practise makes magic’. Do all it takes to remind yourselves , be in the good company of books, pictures, meditate,people, friends.No matter when, where, what and how you eat, just take that moment to feel the miracle and thank God or whatever Force that you believe in for the wonder of nutrition on your plate. Believe me when I say, food is nothing but nutrition which makes us alive, well and vibrant.It is a matter of just a few weeks before any thing becomes a habit. Just make the right choice and you get the right habit. It wont be long before you don’t need any reminders. And all that -with just intention. Intend on it and let the ball start rolling…….

About Shaloo Dogra

Shaloo Dogra is a wellness coach and director at Epicurean Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. in Gurgaon, India. She has been part of the hospitality industry for almost 20 years providing food solutions to industries, institutions and for events. She is dedicated to structured consultation for individuals for fitness, nutrition, intermediate level yoga and meditation. For more on this, please see her website: www.shaloodogra.com She is married to Rajat Dogra and has two wonderful boys aged 16 and 13.
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